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Dress to Impress

We’ve all heard the line, “Dress to Impress” or “Clothes Make the Person.” Those are sayings for a reason. Anywhere you go people follow a dress code even if it’s not immediately obvious. No shirt, no shoes, no service…dress code. Wedding invitation…dress code. Fancy restaurant…dress code. The list goes on and on. Why is a dress code so prevalent in our day-to-day lives? It helps manage the expectations and impressions that will occur in those settings. The likelihood of a wedding invitation suggesting you wear ripped jeans and a stained t-shirt is very low. Instead, it likely states dressy-casual or black tie. You know what to expect from that wedding by the dress code. Dressing for your career is no different. How can upping your dressing skills improve your career? Let’s check out just a few of the many benefits.


Set Expectations

Let’s start with the one we already stated. The way you dress sets the expectation that a client, employer, or business partner can expect from you. Stepping up your attire can and will attract the clientele you desire in your salon or shop. When dreaming of opening your own business did you picture something upscale with fine details and clients willing to pay you a lot of money for your services or did you picture your unfinished garage cutting friends and family for discounts? I’m willing to bet it was the former. The way you carry yourself, including your attire, can help build the business you aspire to.


Confidence Boosting

Picture it. You’re going out on the town. It’s just a usual night out with friends but you’ve been feeling a little down, so you decide, “you know what, I’m going the extra mile tonight!” Instead of jeans and a t-shirt you throw on a dress or blazer that’s a little extra from what you know everyone else will be wearing. You spend a little extra time on your hair to be just perfect. You go out and the waitress, cab driver, and your friends keep saying how amazing you look. That makes you feel wonderful, and you can’t help but smile (even if it’s just on the inside). That’s your confidence building. Now stay with me…let’s carry that over to your career. Putting in a little extra effort not only boosts your confidence but your clients’ confidence in you as well. No one wants to walk in and be helped by someone in stained, wrinkled, or smelly clothing looking like you just rolled out of bed. As the client, you may decide to stick it out this time but you’re going to have major reservations about ever returning. That’s not the image you want to leave your clients with, right? Of course not. You want them eager to return to you. Build your confidence while at the same time building the clients’ confidence in you just by showing you know how to act in a professional manner.


Show Authority

The vast majority of Cosmetologist and Barbers that start inform me they want to own their own business. When you walk into a business and you see the well-dressed person on the phone walking around like they own the place, you automatically assume that’s the person in charge. They may be the person that just started, and they are on the phone running around trying to get all their equipment to work, but you make that assumption by not even knowing anything about them and judging just on their look. Your attire can exude assertiveness and authority, showing professionalism that you may not really possess…at least not yet. You never know who will walk into your salon/shop. They could be the business owner you’ve been looking for to sell you their salon/shop or even want to go into business with you based on the way you carry/dress yourself.


At Denmark, we listen to salons/shops that hire our graduates. They speak highly of the benefits of dressing to succeed. Dress to attract the type of client you desire. While you expect to learn the skills needed to become a barber or cosmetologist when you enroll at Denmark College, an equally important and vital portion is learning to be a professional with good work etiquette. Salons/shops state they don’t expect a new employee to be the best-of-the-best barber or cosmetologist, but they do desire employees who have the drive to become the best they can be for themselves and their clients. Put your best foot (and dress wear) forward in your career by dressing to impress all those around you, including yourself and make that dream salon/shop and career yours!




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