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9 Reasons to Consider a Career as a Medical Assistant

If you’re considering a healthcare career, becoming a medical assistant could be the perfect choice for you. This rapidly growing field offers many opportunities and benefits, from job stability to the chance to make a real difference in people’s lives. Here are nine reasons why you should consider becoming a medical assistant:

1. Rapid Job Growth

The healthcare industry is expanding rapidly, and the demand for medical assistants is growing right along with it. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that jobs for medical assistants will increase by a whopping 23% through 2028. That’s a growth rate four times faster than the national average!

2. Quick Entry into the Field

Unlike many other healthcare careers which require years of education, you can become a medical assistant in just 12 months or less. This allows you to enter the workforce quickly and start making a difference sooner.

3. Certification Increases Marketability

Earning your Certified Medical Assistant (CMA) credential can significantly boost your marketability in the field. By completing the CMA exam, you showcase your unwavering dedication to excellence and your mastery of the crucial skills required to excel in the role of a medical assistant.

4. Variety of Work Settings

As a medical assistant, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare settings. From hospitals and clinics to private practices and ambulatory care, the options are plentiful. This variety keeps the job interesting and allows you to find the setting that best suits your personal preferences.

5. Predictable Schedules

Most medical assistants work during standard business hours, providing a steady and predictable work schedule. This can be a major plus if you value work-life balance and regular routines.

6. Career Stability

The need for healthcare services isn’t going anywhere, which means the need for medical assistants isn’t either. This makes medical assisting a stable career choice with a bright future.

7. Opportunity to Work Anywhere

The skills you’ll gain as a medical assistant are in demand all across the country. Whether you’re dreaming of a fresh start in a new state or simply want the flexibility to move if needed, this career can open doors for you wherever you go.

8. Gateway to Greater Things

Starting as a medical assistant can be a stepping stone to more advanced careers in the healthcare field. Whether your long-term goal is to become a nurse, a medical office manager, or something else entirely, getting your start as a medical assistant can pave the way.

9. Fulfilling Career

Perhaps most importantly, being a medical assistant offers the chance to truly make a difference in people’s lives. With direct patient interaction and the opportunity to provide vital support and care, it’s a career that’s as fulfilling as it is rewarding.

Your Time is Now

At Denmark College, we believe that Medical assistants are more than just professionals; they’re the calm and supportive face that patients can look to guide them through their entire medical journey. It can be easy to forget that behind all treatments is someone who cares. So, start your career with the hands-on, one-on-one training necessary to ensure that you’re the one to provide that help.

Connect with our team, and discover what Denmark can do for you.

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