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Denmark College is paving a path forward for you. Giving you a space to feel seen and the freedom to express and create for yourself and others. You will receive an unmatched blend of resources that creates a connected, compassionate community where your success prevails, and your career is discovered.
Learn how to run a business as well as other useful skills at Denmark College to advance your career.

A you-centric education begins with the tools and knowledge to be successful in every aspect of your career, not just the skills. The Denmark business education will propel your career forward, positioning you ahead of the market.

Denmark College has a diverse staff and student body so consider us for training in your chosen career.

At Denmark, we emphasis individuality while instilling that customer satisfaction is key. By teaching with an empathetic approach that focuses on all people, you become an expert with the skills to amplify impact wherever you are.

Denmark College keeps you connected with alumni and staff once you have received training to ensure your career advances.

Whether you are competing in industry competitions, looking for an apprenticeship, or interested in opening and operating your own business in the future, Denmark College’s alumni are a part of your community now.

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Meet Your Denmark Team


Bruce Adams

Barber Program Director

Mr. Bruce is a proud of alumni of Denmark College himself. He brings his knowledge and versatility on the craft of barbering to the senior class. An avid outdoorsman, on the weekends he enjoys fishing and gardening.

Courtney Chávez

Cosmetology Instructor

Ms. Chávez has been an instructor at Denmark College since 2021. She says her favorite things about teaching with Denmark are that she’s able to help future cosmetologists learn everything they need at the same school where she was taught. When she isn’t helping students shape their future careers, she enjoys the band Fall Out Boy and watching documentaries or playing Animal Crossing.

Charmara Davis

Cosmetology Instructor

Ms. Davis is a champion motivator and tactical creator. Guiding students through the education process is her forte but you can often find her sketching out hair styles to create them. When she isn’t at work, you can find her cooking or creating looks for clients of her own.

Shetani Frye

Medical Assistant Program Director

Mrs. Frye has been an integral part of building the School of Allied Health here at Denmark. She is passionate about connections, whether it is helping students connect concepts or connect to their career, she is understanding, thoughtful, and approachable. She is an expert crafter and lover of home décor, so seek her out for any handy ideas.

John Hochstetler

Barber Instructor

Mr. John is an instructor who understands that not every student learns the same. A tenure that is rooted in your success, his adaptability will help you hone your craft. His 40+ years of hands-on barbering training lends itself to hands-on hobbies like fishing and woodworking.

Darcell Holloway

Barber Instructor

In this ever-changing industry, Mr. Darcell embraces learning and continuing to grow with his students. For 16 years, he has brought his expertise on passing the state board exam as well as practical work on live models. If you have five minutes, catch him to talk about hair shows, barber battles, and meeting celebrity barbers.

Dr. Faisal B Rao

Medical Assistant Instructor

Dr. Rao is a medical doctor, but a friendly one at that. He is constantly focused on delivering to the best of his abilities for you. Learning through stories and sharing knowledge is why he finds education so rewarding. When he isn’t starting our medical program, you can find him reading, planting a garden, or cooking in the kitchen.

Diamond Tetter

Allied Health Adjunct Instructor

A kind and nurturing spirit, Ms. Tetter brings her real-world experience to the classroom. She came to Denmark College because of the diversity and the academic freedom that allows her to truly connect with students. Outside of work, Ms. Tetter enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her family.

Raymond Powell

Barber Instructor

Mr. Raymond Powell has been an instructor with us since Apr 2022 after graduating from the program in 2021. Raymond comes to us after he retired from U.S. Army where he served as an Advanced Individual Training(AIT) Instructor. He made the decision to come back to teach due to his passion for teaching and his love of barbering that was instilled in him as a student. His dedication to helping facilitate careers for his students fuels his drive every day. His other passions include being a father/grandfather, going to White Sox games, managing his fantasy baseball team, and playing video games with his wife.

Kevin Clady

Barber Instructor

My journey in the Hair and Barbering Industry has been nothing short of fulfilling. From attending Pivot Point Cosmetology School in 1986 to graduating from Denmark Barber College in 2020 and attaining my Barber Instructors License in 2022, I’ve remained committed to the art of hair styling and barbering. Each day, I look forward to embracing new challenges, staying up-to-date with industry trends, and making a positive impact on the lives of my clients and students. The hair and barbering industry is not just my profession; it is my lifelong passion.

Jovan Curry

Barber Instructor

Jovan has been in the hair industry for a total of 13 years. She is very passionate about introducing Barbering to new students. She is also CEO of Grooming Techs for Senior Citizens of Chicago. Jovan enjoys also grooming her own personal clients on the weekend. Her personal mission statement is “its not only a haircut, it’s an experience!”

Dan Reid Admissions Employee at Denmark College is one of our diverse staff who can assist you at our campus.

Dan Reid

Admissions Representative

Finding the right career path can be difficult. That’s why Dan is here. Bring your great sense of humor and he can help you narrow in on your career path. After 4 years at Denmark College, he still enjoys each interaction with students. Never shying away from a challenge, you can find him spending summers surfing on Lake Michigan.

Learn more about our diverse staff such as Aaron Young who is the Campus Director at Denmark College.

Aaron Young

Chicago Campus Director

Aaron brings an enormous amount of enthusiasm to Denmark College. Helping students every step of the way from financial aid to real world careers, he is the go-to man on campus. A lover of hot sauce and his family, you can catch him watching the big games on the weekends.

Denmark College prides itself on its diverse and expert staff such as Megan Guess who is a Campus Director.

Megan Guess

Campus Director

Day in and day out, Megan is here to help you accomplish your goals. Her ability to be kind-hearted and a problem-solver for our students contributes to our uniqueness as a school. She is always around to help you, but when she’s not at work, she loves to see live music, read, or talk pop culture with friends.

Time to meet the staff at Denmark College such as Courtney Bagdon who is our Social Media and Office Coordinator.

Courtney Bagdon

Social Media and Office Coordinator

Courtney is the first person you will meet here at Denmark. As a smiling face for our students, visitors, and clients alike, Courtney is an expert at thinking on her feet and finding solutions before there’s even a problem. When she’s not at work you can find her hiking with her dogs or playing video games at home.

Cathy Williamson photo

Cathy Williamson


Ms. Williamson has been with Denmark College since April 13, 2021, and loves interacting with the students and helping them achieve their goals. As Registrar, Ms. Williamson is the keeper of information and assists students with graduation requirements. Outside of her work with Denmark, she loves rooting for the Kansas City Chiefs football, going to see live music and camping.

A Look Back And Into The Future
Joe and Nancy Barsic are the founders of Denmark College created in 2003 to become a world class barbering school.


The foundation of Denmark College was created. Joe and Nancy Barsic set out to create a “cutting edge” barbering school for both men and women, named Success Schools. Success Schools intent was to create a space where students not only felt welcomed but were also given the tools for a fruitful career. Today, these foundational ideas remain true to Denmark.
In 2009 Denmark College expanded our barber school from our Indiana campus to a downtown Chicago campus.


As the school grew and gained more and more students, there became an opportunity to serve more aspiring barbers in Chicago. In 2009, our Chicago campus opened its doors welcoming an entirely new class of students.
In 2016 the Success Schools officially became Denmark College as it's known today and expanded our program offerings.


2016 began the transition from Success Schools to Denmark College. Since 2017 Denmark College has worked tirelessly at not only serving our students but expanding our programs to include both cosmetology as well as medical assisting. As we continue looking forward, Denmark will continue to evolve and expand our curriculums and offerings to fit our students.
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