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A New Career In Less Than a Year

So, you’ve graduated high school…now what? The thought of four more years of schooling is the last thing you want to consider but you know you want to do something proactive to take your first steps into adulthood. Been out of school for a while but a four-year school wasn’t ever in your plan? Been in the workforce but now you’re ready for a change? You’ve seen that trade school every day going to your favorite restaurant, the mall, or a friend’s house. Why not take an afternoon and stop in to check out exactly what that place is all about? Don’t worry we won’t be offended when you say, “Oh wow!! This place is way bigger on the inside. I had no idea all this was here!” Come on in and let’s have a chat about your goals and dreams and how Denmark College could be just the right place for you to make it all come to fruition.


A New Career in Under a Year

Yes, you read that right! You don’t even want to consider going to school for another four years but ten and a half months doesn’t sound so bad, right? The number one thing I hear at new student orientation is that our students want financial independence. They want to work for themselves. They want to give back to their communities. In less than a year, Denmark students can be working in their field of study well on their way to making these dreams a reality…and so can you. Denmark College has not one, not two, but three exciting careers to choose from all of which can be completed in a little as 10.5 months. Not only are Medical Assistant, Cosmetologist, and Barber some of the most exciting and best trades to go into, but they are also in high demand. The sky isn’t even your limit in these fields. Dream big and go for it!


Dive In Hands First

Learn while having fun…is that even possible? Yes…yes, it is! Denmark College’s Medical Assistant, Cosmetology, and Barber programs are all heavy in the hands-on portion of training. The best way to learn is to take the theory and apply it in a real-life environment. Cosmetology and Barber programs have a salon/shop within the school where students get experience working on actual clients. The Medical Assistant program has an entire term dedicated to externship with students working in Drs offices and hospitals. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal to be nervous. We’d be worried if you weren’t. The skilled instructors of Denmark College have decades of experience and they will be with you every step of the way. The more you practice, the more of a competitive edge you will gain as you enter the workforce.


Hunting Down That Perfect Job

Not sure where you would work after completing a program at Denmark College? Don’t worry…we help with that too. The school has connections to hiring professionals in all three of our programs, so we are ready to assist when it comes time to look for employment. Not only can we provide information for hiring facilities, but we often have hiring managers visit the campus too. Show your enthusiasm, talent, that award-winning smile, and customer service skills and you never know, they just might come looking for you.



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