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Denmark College (formerly Success Schools) School of Barbering is a unique place where men and women of all ages enjoy learning the art of barbering utilizing two basic methods, theory or classroom training and practical or hands on training. Together the two types of training offer the novice an opportunity to learn and understand the Art of Barbering. Our philosophy is that if provided with a calm, comfortable place to learn with a scheduled delivery of curriculum materials and plenty of people on which to practice, people can learn to be barbers.

About the Barber School

The course consists of two components, the classroom and a practical class each day. The remainder of the day is in our open clinic that is a big barbershop where we practice our grooming techniques on real live customers. The sit down class gets you through the written exam to get the license; the practical helps to get you prepared for real work on customers and the clinic gives you hands on practice for the real world and the practical component to get the license.

We offer a full and part time program including day classes for your convenience. You can build your own schedule as long as you have the sit down class and practical class in each weekday and meet the requirements of the federal financial aid minimum number of hours each week. Our financial director can help you build your schedule and apply for federal financial aid. Financial aid does not consider your credit score when awarding aid and most people get some type of financial aid. You can reach us at (219) 736-9999 or from Illinois at (312) 386-9100.

Our curriculum is a barber stylist curriculum. We cut hair with shears, clippers and razors, we straight razor shave faces and heads, we remove hair on the face with wax, we do permanent and semi permanent hair color including crazy colors, we do permanent waves and relaxing treatments, we do facials and scalp treatments. We have a strong dedicated diverse client base on which to practice. Our clinics are both state of the art facilities located in busy areas, allowing us to attract and retain a client base for our students.

The areas offer many options for housing for out of area students. The Merrillville location is adjacent to 610 apartment unit complex and many students live there. The Chicago facility is in the center of student housing for various colleges. Because the schools are located in commercial areas, there are opportunities for part time jobs for students as well.

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