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Don’t Think You Can Afford College? Let Us Help You Explore How You Can

I would like to go to college and learn a new trade, but I can’t afford the cost to attend.

Have you heard someone say this? Thought it yourself? Is the little voice in your head saying this right now?

Has it stopped you from even seeing what is out there?

You aren’t alone.

Many people feel this way. What many don’t realize when looking at the cost of college is this: it costs nothing to find out your options. Learn what might be available. FAFSA stands for Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Free. The little voice in your head can definitely afford that.

But I’m not sure where I want to go. I’m not even sure what I want to learn!

That’s ok! One application works for all participating schools. Four-year colleges. Graduate Schools. Law Schools. Art Schools. Culinary Schools. Trade Schools. If the school is eligible to use federal financial aid, they all use the same online application. List up to ten schools on one application. Explore your options! You can search for individual schools by state, school name, or get the unique school code. (Denmark College’s school code is 041003.

When should I fill this out?

How about now? The application is online. You can fill it out in your pajamas, over coffee, on your computer, on your phone. Wherever is convenient. Just hop onto, create an account, and you’re off and running!

I might not have enough time right now.

That’s fine. You can save the application wherever you are and come back to it. Get started, and you’ll see how easy it is. The sooner you get the application submitted, the sooner you know the results.

I’ve done this before.

Things can change. The application is new each year. Changes in your life can mean changes in your eligibility. It only takes a few minutes, and costs nothing, to find out.

Ok, great! I have my results. What do they mean?

This is where we come in. What program you choose, how long it is, how many credits or hours, and other factors can all determine how much your financial aid amount will vary. What you see on your results page may be only a portion of what you might qualify for over the course of an entire program. Let us translate for you. We can take your results and give you a breakdown for the full program of your choice.

Not computer savvy? Not sure how to get started? Want help with the process? No problem! You don’t have to do this on your own. Come visit Denmark College! Our friendly financial aid experts can help you through the application from start to finish, answer any questions you have, and talk over your options with you.



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